NJ Center for Teaching and Learning (NJCTL)

NJEA members receive a 20% discount off NJCTL tuition. To receive this discount, add your NJEA Membership Number to your existing NJCTL account under affiliations, or when registering for a new account at www.njctl.org/register/ Any questions email info@njctl.org.

Earn a master’s degree, add-on endorsement, or alternate route certification for under $5,850 (after 20% NJEA discount).
NJCTL Programs
Current teachers can earn an add-on endorsement with graduate credits in physics, chemistry, K12 mathematics, biology, physical science, middle school science, and middle school mathematics.
ESPs with any bachelor's degree, with any GPA, can earn a certificate of eligibility through one of NJCTL’s alternate route programs in physics, biology, chemistry, or K12 Mathematics.
K12 mathematics, physics and chemistry add-on endorsement and alternate route programs also earn a Master of Science in Teaching and Learning.
NJCTL is a duly authorized NJ Institution of Higher Education on track to accreditation. When needed, NJCTL credits may be transcribed by one of our accredited IHE partners.

Learn more at: www.njctl.org/NJ/

Melissa Axelsson, Director
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